The main products of our company are: shot blasting and sand peening machines, sand preparation machines, sand molding lines and environmental protection equipment.

Dustless Blasting
Dustless BlastingDB150
Dustless BlastingDB225
Dustless BlastingDB500
Dustless BlastingDB800
Dustless BlastingDB1500

Moving shot blasting machine
ROPW-270 Single polishing head|
ROPW-600 Double polishing head
ROPW-800 Double polishing head| Large scale storage tank rust remving shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine
Turntable shot blasting machine | Hook type shot blasting machine
Steel pipe outer wall shot blast cleaning machine | Hanging chain type shot blasting machine

Dedusting equipment
Mechanical cloth bag filter | Cartridge type dust collector
Pulse type dust collector | Back - blowing dust collector
Mobile welding smoke precipitator
Qingdao Rovan Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, China South Korea joint venture enterprise……